Photo: Joe Calixto

Local rock act Typecast has been at it for years, playing in and out of the Metro and playing shows outside the PH. With a plethora of albums that has spawned them fans from all over, it’s high time that they got signature instruments of their own.

Photo: Estolen Arts


Alas, the rock gods may have heard our prayers because D&D Custom Guitars are dropping not just one but three axes dedicated to each member’s style of playing, persona and specifications. Pick your pro model of choice and get those chords and solos in!

Check out the specs of each guitar below!

Corvus (Steve Badiola Signature Model)  – 10,500.00

[hfcm id="9"] [hfcm id="14"] [hfcm id="20"] [hfcm id="24"]

Raven (Pakoy Fletchero Signature Model) – 11,700.00

Resurrector (Chi Resurreccion Signature Model)  – 12,000.00

All guitars come with a free red tortoise pickguard.

Musician friendly!

Good news! All students and frontliners get an additional 10% discount at the D&D store. Please show a valid ID for verification.

Dropping tomorrow, 06/25/2020 more information can be had over at D&D Custom Guitars and the official Typecast page.

Rock on!



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