Tim Cook presented to an empty auditorium for this year’s Apple WWDC 2020 event. The Apple CEO started with a speech about the coronavirus and Black Lives Matter in their first-ever virtual event. Afterwards, Cook moved on to announce the new stuff Apple has in store.

This year, Apple announced a lot of new tech and software upgrades for their current line of products. Here’s a quick summary to get you excited about it:


iOS 14

iOS 14 announced at the Apple WWDC 2020 event
The iOS14 gets new features and upgrades, announced at Apple’s WWDC 2020 Event

iOS14 will become available in July in public beta. Like previous iterations, developers can start using it as early as June 22. This announcement got many people excited due to all the new features Apple unveiled at the Apple WWDC 2020.

Apple made upgrades to its group chats, allowing users to start mentioning specific people in the chat. iOS users can also change the group photo and pin important messages to the top.

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Another upgrade announced by Apple for iOS14 is the digital car keys. The digital car keys allow family members to share it through messages. Made available next year, the digital car keys can be paired with the 2021 BMW5 Series. The great thing about the digital car keys is how you won’t even need to take your iPhone out of your bags or pockets to unlock your car.

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With iOS 14, you will now be able to switch between different apps while on a video call. The video screen of the person you’re talking to will stay on your screen even when you switch to other apps.

Furthermore, phone calls won’t be taking up the whole screen of your phone anymore. You can now carry on using your phone as usual while someone is calling you.

Other new features include the Smart Stack feature, more translations available on the Translate app, and an App Library. The iOS14 will be made available for iPhone 6s users and above.


macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur at Apple WWDC 2020
After 10 years of the Mac OS X, Apple unveils the macOS 11 Big Sur

After 10 years of OS X, Apple is finally moving on to macOS 11 and naming it Big Sur. Big Sur’s design and interface is being called “the biggest design upgrade since OS X.” Many existing Mac apps have also been redesigned with many improved features. Some of these notable apps include Safari, Messages, Apple Store, and Maps.

Other features also include a customizable menu bar and an upgraded Notification Center. With the new macOS system, easier device-switching for the AirPods Pro, a smarter Siri, and new editing tools for the Photos app are also included.

Apple is also making the transitions in-house processors for its Macs. These processors are similar to what is used on iOS devices. This transition will be Apple’s biggest shift since transitioning from PowerPC to Intel in 2005.


iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14 at the Apple WWDC 2020
Easier navigation and more widgets have been added to the iPadOS 14

With the new iOS 14, the iPad isn’t far behind with its own software upgrade. A notable upgrade includes Scribble for Apple Pencil users. Scribble is a built-in feature to recognize your handwriting. This feature will transform your writing into text.

Other features include better navigation, new dropdown menus, and a Universal Search feature.

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watchOS 7

watchOS 7 at Apple WWDC 2020
The watchOS 7 also sees its own new upgrades and features

New features have also been added to the watchOS 7. With Sleep Monitoring, Apple aims to improve users’ sleep hygiene. One of its notable features includes setting up a healthy pre-bedtime routine. The watchOS 7 can monitor your sleep and breathing patterns and allow you to view these patterns in a visualized infographic.

Other new features include new Workout Types, new complications, handwashing detection, and an improved Maps app.

Apple made many more announcements and releases at its Apple WWDC 2020 event. A new tvOS 14, better cycling directions in the Maps app, and seamless device switching for the AirPods Pro. All these announcements definitely have us excited for all that’s to come for Apple and its products.

You can check out the full Apple WWDC 2020 keynote on their website to watch all their biggest announcements.



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