Disney is the childhood love that almost no one grows out of. OG characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, and Winnie the Pooh always seem to excite people, regardless of their age. Are you a Disney collector? If you are, you’re in for a treat, because Uniqlo has partnered with the Keith Haring Foundation to bring the world Disney apparel that are nothing short of cool. Keith Haring is known for his Mickey Mouse illustrations and has shared that a book “How to Draw Mickey Mouse” actually taught him how to draw.

The playful, colorful designs, are also very tasteful and sophisticated. It’s something you’d be able to wear together with your Air Jordans and jeans, and look very street fab.

…and really, who can resist being able to collect Disney items that you can actually wear?

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There are pieces for men, women, and kids, and they’re affordable too. at Uniqlo’s online store, the short sleeve graphic tees will cost you around Php 790, while the long-sleeve sweatshirts will cost you Php 990–they are currently on sale, so now is the best time to get them.

Uniqlo UT’s Next Collection features Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Abstract Artwork of DC Characters


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