If you want to wear art on your tees or hoodies, Uniqlo will be featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat’s artworks of famous DC characters in an upcoming UT collection. The collection will launch in time of the upcoming The Batman movie, and these original Basquiat artworks are rarely seen.

As for the style of the said artworks, Basquiat once told fellow graffiti artist and hip-hop emcee Fab 5 Freddy: “I want to make paintings that look as if they were made by a child.”

The collection consists of three hoodies and four tees, all featuring Basquiat’s abstract artworks of popular DC characters like Batman and Robin, Joker, Superman, and The Flash. Check out the collection below:

Uniqlo is expected to make the collection available on September 7, though we have no news yet as to when they will be available locally. Speaking of dope UT collabs, you might want to check out the Doraemon and Demon Slayer collections.

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