Mars Ravelo’s Darna, a classic and fictional Filipino comics superhero is now getting an official action figure from LH Collectibles and we can safely say that it will fit in any action figure collection alongside your Marvel and DC roster!

From comics to movies, now an awesome action figure!

This figure is a piece of Philippine historythe first-ever, licensed, super-articulated Pinoy action figure and a must-have for all Pinoy 6-inch figure collectors.

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One year from their pre-order announcement, the figure has finally arrived! Based on the photos alone, it’s a total must-have. Housed in deluxe packaging with a trading card for the first 500 owners, this is a surefire hit whether you’re a hardcore Darna fan or just a casual collector with a desire to add some Filipino vibes to your toy shelf!

Photo: Raffy Panganiban

Of course, we’ve seen some attempts at customized versions but this is the real deal. Designed by Loosecollector Studio, this figure is probably the first of its kind based on the feedback. Based on the artwork below, a Captain Barbell is due out soon!

It’s produced in 1500 units worldwide, priced at Php 2,750 each, it’s best to message them here for direct orders. Cheers to LH Collectibles for this astronomical shot at Filipino collectible history!



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