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We at This Is Hype are always on the lookout for artists who hardly categorize themselves. Yes, they can be within a certain genre but yet they don’t stereotype themselves in one corner. In today’s rap/hip-hop scene, it’s not hard to notice those who go the extra mile in delivering the goods with extra heart and effort. You know, not really dwelling on the imagery rather they let their music and their merch do the talking.

Waiian is one perfect example of an artist who speaks volumes. No beef, all music, less imagery, more meaning, more craft, less public yapping.

It’s all about the music anyway, please give it up for Waiian.

First off, please introduce yourself in your own words…

I’m Waiian, it’s Hawaiian without the Ha and I’m 1 of 1.

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Can you share with us how you write? How does the writing process go?

I write every single day to keep my game sharp and make songs when their moments come to me.


Is your mindset different when you perform with Kartell’em as compared when you go out solo?

Yes, because with Kartell’em, I must collide with energies to create a piece and when I’m writing alone its a different ride: a Spider-man movie is way different than an Avengers movie.


Can you share with us your top 3 favorite sneakers? Need not be hype ones, just your essentials.

Vans Era, Vans Chukka boot, and the Vans Half-Cab.

The album, please share with us how you got around to it? How long did it take you to record the album? Congrats by the way!

I held on to 2 of the songs for at least a year or more then made the rest in the 1st half of 2020 then finished recording in August. There are things I needed to get out my system.

You got nice merch by the way! How do you market them? Can you share with us the ups and downs on how you sell your own stuff online?

The Good Problems merch, is led by my brother Lynus Martin and my girlfriend Misha. We went through a few obstacles lacking knowledge and experience, but we learn and adapt well. The merch is a physical token of the album. I hope it reminds them of the knowledge I dropped. I hope it attracts good strengthening energies to the people who really listened to the album.

Future plans? What’s next for Waiian?

Crazy 2020 gave me set backs but I gotta see them as good problems. Times are testing me way too much.. I gotta step my game up. Imma take it easy for a while and reset myself 1 by 1! Get some valid ID’s and get back to working on music again.


To my gang gang crew BangkalGoon$ and shoutout to people going through incredibly difficult times. It’s a bad day not a bad life.

Stream ‘Good Problems’ Now: bit.ly/GoodProblemsWaiian

Photo by Morris Mueller for Scoutmagph


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