There’s no denying that World Balance is on a roll as of late. Aside from its top-selling Invictus sneaker, the local brand has been busy collaborating with Bigboy Cheng’s Secret Fresh, where you have the i-Sperm low-top sneakers, the I-Sperm Climax 1976 mid-cut sneaker, and the upcoming special edition Invictus B69 sneaker.

Aside from these dope sneakers, World Balance is also expanding its line of apparel, and the NXT Gear collection is the latest from the brand. This collection is unique, as it consists of protective gear that can keep you safe from viruses like COVID-19 while looking stylish at the same time.

The Nano Silver 3-Layer Face Mask is a reusable mask (can be washed up to 30 times) that has a silver nanoparticle polymer for filtering off 99.9% of microorganisms and viruses. Its 3-layer design has a lightweight, fast-drying, breathable fabric that is form-fitting and does not constrict to the skin.

The Neck Gaiter is a protective cloth for your neck and is ideal for those who do a lot of outdoor rides and errands. Aside from being adjustable to the wearer’s fit, it comes with an inner pocket for replaceable filters.

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If you are looking for the full look, the NXT Gear offers a cap+face mask combo, where the cap comes with a detachable face mask that has a pocket for replaceable filters.

For outerwear, the NXT Gear collection offers a packable jacket, hoodie top, and protective jacket. The Protective Jacket comes with a built-in hood and a detachable face mask with an insert for filters. For an optimized fit, the sleeves have velcro straps while the neck area has an adjustable toggle.

The Packable Jacket, on the other hand, has the same features of the Protective Jacket, though it is made of a waterproof and lightweight fabric that can be easily packed into a bag for the on-the-go commute. Lastly, the Hoodie Top is a short-sleeved shirt with a built-in hoodie, a detachable face mask, and side pockets.

Pricing for the collection is as follows:

Replacement carbon inserts – Php 120 for a pack of 10

Nano Silver 3-layer Face Mask – Php 350

Neck Gaiter – Php 349 with 1 filter insert

Cap + Face Mask combo – Php 499 per set with 3 filter inserts

Hoodie top – Php 899

Packable Jacket – Php 1,499

Protective Jacket – Php 1,699


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