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Kanye West has always been at the forefront of design. Despite the controversy, whether you like it or not, his designs are thought provoking and definitely out of the box.

Do you remember when the Turtle Doves first came out? How about the Nike Red Octobers?


You can bet your outfit that they challenged your outlook on shoes and design. Sure, some may think it’s too loud, weird or off putting but isn’t that a good thing? Even the most punk rock to do.

Just this weekend, the rapper/designer/Presidential Aspirant—the latter still debatable—went on another Twitter tirade, this time staying away from the rants. Instead, Kanye shared the designs and projects he’s working on, as well as the stuff that propels him to venture into design.

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One of the tweets that probably will elicit discussion is his photo with the caption “YZY D Rose coming soon.”

The shoe looks like it lifts the materials off the YZY Foam Runners, shape, color, and all. While the Foam Runner has a smooth look with holes on the uppers, this one is ridge heavy—seashell like even.

To add to the hype, Derrick Rose’s wife Alaina Anderson posted the same shoes through an on-foot look playfully dubbed as the “DZY” (D. Rose x YZY).

If the photos implicate that they look big, it’s because they are size 12’s. What can you say about these prototypes?

Can’t get enough of the new Three Striped stuff? Do check out the upcoming adidas A-ZX Collection too! 



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