After a rather lackluster first set of pieces from the Yeezy GAP partnership, which kicked off with a puffer jacket and hoodies in different colors, the partnership finally expanded with the first collection under the Engineered by Balenciaga series.

The collection consisted of eight pieces, where you have two denim products with the jacket and the jeans and the rest being apparel in black. The denim jacket and jeans are the most expensive from the collection with a price of Php 26,000 and Php 13,000 respectively.

For the all-black pieces, the first Yeezy GAP Engineered by Balenciaga collection is highlighted by the no-seam tee, 3/4 sleeve tee, long sleeve tee, and hoodie. All four pieces feature a GAP logo in tonal black in front and a graphic of a dove (black on the long sleeve tee, white for the others) in the back. All three tees retail for Php 8,000, while the hoodie is priced at Php 14,000.

Rounding up the collection are what appear to be GAP basics with the sweatpants and the logo tee. The sweatpants are priced at Php 11,000, while the logo 3/4 sleeve tee is priced at Php 6,900.

Most of the pieces are already sold out in the Yeezy GAP as of this writing, with the hoodie fetching substantial resell prices (when compared to its SRP) in StockX.

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While the collection overall looks pretty basic, the first Yeezy GAP Engineered by Balenciaga collection reflects Kanye West and Demna’s current fashion direction. The collection is significantly more expensive than the regular Yeezy GAP (the hoodie, which only has a YZY branding on the tag, is priced at around Php 4.5k), so we expect the quality of these pieces to be significantly better.

We managed to cop the long sleeve tee, so expect us to do a review on that soon.


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