Have you been longing to purchase A Bathing Ape products without either 1) going to Japan and visit their stores there, or 2) finding their products through resellers? Here’s some good news: Commonwealth is making a big lineup of BAPE products available via their online store!

While items like the keychains, face masks, and Shark socks are sold out (they sold out 15 minutes after it went live!), a big chunk of BAPE products remain available. These include the Ape head shirts—in both small Ape head and big Ape head varieties—, Shark tee, Ape Sta sneakers in both low and high cut, and its trademark Camo tees.

Pricing for BAPE products is close to Japan pricing, and with Commonwealth officially selling them, this makes it easier to us Pinoys to buy BAPE products.


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