Whether you want to spruce up your work-from-home space or just want to redecorate your home, having nice furniture is a must-have. Even more important is that these furniture pieces are easy to assemble—making the redecoration experience a satisfying experience.

While Ikea has started the trend of DIY furniture, Yori offers the same experience at a lower price point. Like the popular Swedish brand, Yori caters to first-time homeowners and young upstart professionals who look for furniture that has a good design and is practical and easy to assemble at the same time.

For its initial set of offerings, Yori has desks (Jobu, Gyomu and Sagyo), shelfs (Kaiso and Okura), bookcases (Tenji and Kaiso), kitchen rack (Sukui), and desk+shelf combo (Noji) that have minimalist designs that suits every home space.

Pricing for all products are as follows:

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Noji – Php 2,795

Sagyo – Php 1,795

Okura – Php 2,495

Jobu – Php 2,295

Sukui (Medium) – Php 2,495

Tenji (Mega) – Php 4,295

Tenji (Medium) – Php 3,795

Kaiso (Mega) – Php 3,795

Kaiso (Medium) – Php 3,295

Gyomu (Medium) – Php 2,495

Yori is available at select SM Home branches, ShopSM, and through SM’s Call to Deliver service.


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