Regardless of what item it may be, as long as it has Supreme branding in it, expect it to be hype as heck. The brand has a penchant for unveiling ridiculous accessories every year, and 2020 is no exception despite the COVID-19 pandemic. As we are two months away before 2020 comes to a close, we round up 16 Supreme accessories we think are simply ridiculous.

Check out our picks:

  • Supreme Oreos

Considering they are being resold for around Php1k per pack (I mean the usual 3-piece Oreo pack), this is a nice way to have a diet and not use said money for, say, a buffet (because that’s not safe right now).

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  • Supreme Colgate Toothpaste

If you want to keep those pearly whites while having the hypebeast cread, this “special edition” toothpaste is for you.

  • Supreme Instax Film

What’s cooler than retro-looking photos of your homies in Instax prints? One with a BOGO branding at the bottom.

  • Supreme Poncho

If you want to rock that BOGO while dealing with heavy rains, this poncho is for you. Who says you can’t flex while it is raining hard?

  • Supreme Mac Tools Steel Workstation

Whether you are busy working on your next project car or you next home furniture, it would be nice to have a Supreme-decked workstation, eh?

  • Supreme Lawn Chair

You need sunshine, and this BOGO-laden chair so that you can chill in the outdoors like you are a Supreme prince.

  • Supreme Ceramic Bowl

Whether you are eating ramen or cereal, you want to show some art appreciation with this Chinaware with a BOGO at the bottom of the bowl.

  • Supreme Audubon Bird Call

Yup, this one is really, really hilarious. Maybe it will call birds that are draped in Supreme?

  • Supreme Studded Collar Vase

This one is a nice art piece for your room, admit it. Maybe you’d put plants in it so you can flex your Plantito/plantita life.

  • Supreme Chucky Doll

Remember Chucky? Apparently, he’s also a Supreme fan too and loves his Supreme-branded overalls.

  • Supreme Fish Bowl

Aside from being a dope decor piece like the ceramic vase, you can also use this so that Goldie has a hypebeast home like you.

  • Supreme Anker Capsule Projector

Since we’re all staying at home because it is not yet safe to go out, why not invest on making a cool movie room with this Supreme-branded projector?


  • Supreme Pat McGrath Labs Lipstick

Want to win bae over? Gift her this hype-worthy Supreme lipstick so that she can stay fly with her makeup.

  • Supreme S&M BMX Dirtbike

Since biking is the trend these days, why not get a Supreme-branded bike? It is the next best thing to that Dior bike—of which Bigboy Cheng is one of the few to personally have it.

  • Supreme Leica Binoculars

Need to check up your assets? Or spot anything suspicious from afar? These Leica binoculars should do the trick for a crystal-clear image. With Supreme branding, of course, since you want to make a statement while checking on things.

  • Supreme Jacob & Co. Watches

If you are simply rich and want to spend on the most opulent Supreme accessory, the watches from luxury brand Jacob & Co. is the perfect one for you. It is cooler than the mythical Supreme Rolex Submariner since it has diamonds and individual hands for the time in Paris, Tokyo, and New York for your jet-setting needs.

Which is your favorite Supreme accessory this year? Speaking of
Supreme collabs, they have this cool one with the Smurfs.


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