Buying sneakers is very much like a giant rabbit hole. Once you get into it, and you get addicted to that copping rush, things may get out of hand both for you and your wallet. For sure, there may be joy in it at first but once you get past the honeymoon season, you’ll realize you’re a lot of Pesos shorter and a sneaker stack higher. Through experience, here are a few tips to avoid impulse sneaker buying and regret what you copped:

Tips To Avoid Impulse Sneaker Buying

  • Buy What You Like
  • Learn to Walk Away
  • Don’t Fall For The “Retail” Tag
  • Consider Your Body Type
  • Check Your Budget: Be Realistic

Buy What You Like

That means what you really like. Stop weighing in on the opinion of other people. If you think Jordans are too loud for your liking, then so be it. You think Yeezys look funny on feet, then don’t bother. If you want to feel good about your purchases, then stop convincing yourself that you dig something just because it’s what everyone is buying.


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Learn to Walk Away

This is hard to do, especially in a store setting. If you feel that there’s something off with your potential purchase, learn to leave the store premises. Don’t even feel ashamed of it even if the salesperson looks at you funny. Try leaving the store, get a lemonade, think it over then make your decision.


Don’t Fall For The “Retail” Tag

Just because you have the chance to cop for retail doesn’t mean it’s gold. There’s a reason why a sneaker is sitting. Retail does not mean a “great cop”: trust us, we’ve seen our hype meter go down from 10 to zero and that sinking feeling just sucks.


Consider Your Body Type

Not all sneakers fit all body types unless you’re a model. But for us regular joes, it pays to look in the mirror and just accept what fits good for your body type. If you’re vertically challenged, High Tops won’t really look good, if you got stubby feet, Yeezys will kill your toe and look funny on feet. Generally, it’s just accepting what looks good on you then take it from there.


Check Your Budget: Be Realistic

Falling for your emotions to feel good with your purchases always ends up in a disaster. Nothing is more empty than clutching a shoebox home with a low to zero balance in your bank account. After all, no one really gives a hoot. Do you and be happy.

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