The Filipino culture is such a beautiful thing. Seeing it come alive in OPM is an amazing thing and we definitely want more of that in our playlist. Jarlo Bâse’s music is anchored in Filipino culture and events, mixing elements of his own musical style with r&b and hip hop, making it relatable to the modern world.

Last 2020, he released a song, entitled Korona, which discusses inequality amidst a Luzon-wide quarantine. Interestingly, his other song, Sisa, used the iconic Noli Me Tangere character as a metaphor for longing for someone. With a growing following, solid talent, Jarlo Bâse now readily makes his Sony Music Philippines major music debut with Kalapati.

Kalapati: A Poignant Song With a Light and Fun Vibe

Jarlo Base Kalapati

The first time we listened to Jarlo Bâse’s Kalapati, we appreciate its fun and airy quality. With its smart use of bases and acoustics, it instantly becomes a great listen that takes the stress away. The second time, we listened to it, we took time to listen to its lyrics, which are in fact, for us, the best part of the song.

It’s a beautiful poetic approach to accepting people in spite of their shortcomings:

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‘Di ba’t ibon pa rin naman
ang kalapating nawawalan
ng pakpak, ‘di makalipad
sa kalangitan

Listen to it and you’ll feel its authenticity and the fact that though it is musically modern, it is in fact—very Filipino, using everyday things like the Sampaguita and Narra, that we, Pinoys, can relate to.

We appreciate how Filipino musicians are now able to find our culture a more solid place in music, keeping our roots, while pushing the boundaries of creating. Looking for similar tracks? Check out Ben&Ben, Zack Tabuldo, and Arthur Nery on our article on the Best In Music For 2021 (Original Filipino Music).


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