A Bathing Ape and adidas have been partners in crime for a long time. Judging from their long list of collaborations, the duo has been consistently churning out product that has never failed to generate hype and fetch astronomical prices.

But then, this new collab of theirs, the BAPE adidas Superstar 80s has fallen short on the hype meter here in the Philippines. Here at This Is Hype, we are letting you on in some facts why the low resale value shouldn’t deter you from copping such a nice shoe.

It’s Historic 

It’s basically a celebration of the partnership between the two brands. Streetwear and sneakers wouldn’t be where it is without the efforts of these two hence the mismatched branding look. This may also be the first time that adidas has allowed a collaborator equal logo placement on a shoe, that’s totally nuts!

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The Overall Presentation is Sick

Tell us what shoe as of late oozes with packaging just like this one? The box quality, the ABC Camo treatment, the deluxe feel? It’s a masterpiece that you won’t even consider throwing the packaging away!

The Shoes Look So Damn Good 

From the eggshell-colored midsoles, down to the green camo pattern and the lace options and the crazy lace locks, this shoe is a total sneakerhead dream. Granted you paid quite a hefty sum, you’re expecting more bang for your sneaker bucks right?

It’s Easy To Cop

With some sizes available still as of this writing at Commonwealth’s webstore, how many times have you heard of this opportunity? An Php 8500 retail price for such a classy collab won’t hurt.  Also if ever you run out of your size, the resell prices are minimal to non-existent.

An Affordable Throwback to an Expensive Classic 

These Superstar 80s are very reminiscent of an early BAPE and adidas collab dubbed as the “Super Ape Star”, and this is the nearest you can get to a shoe of this magnitude.

Are you still thinking of getting one after pointing out our five reasons to not sleep on them? Read about this Space Jam movie-related Air Force 1’s while you’re at it.



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