HypeGeek is back again with another unboxing from BAPE! This time around, the focus is not on sneakers. Instead, this unboxing video focuses on its bags: one that is shiny and futuristic with the Hajime Sorayama Tote bag, and one that has that familiar camo print–and comes bundled with a BAPE magazine.

First up is the Hajime Sorayama Tote, which is decked in shiny silver with BAPE branding done in a futuristic font, along with subtle lines to depict the brand’s trademark camo design.

The wide nylon straps are also decked in silver, with a fun “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape” branding running across them. Typical of any BAPE product, this one is premium with its metal hardware adorning throughout the bag.

With an SRP of $211(~Php 10.7k), the Hajime Sorayama Tote is definitely on the expensive side, though it is large enough to carry most of your essentials while being a statement piece at the same time.

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Moving on to the other BAPE bag in this unboxing video, the camo carryall bag is actually part of a bundle when you buy BAPE’s 2021 Autumn/Winter collection. BAPE’s magazines are often sought-after for their inclusions, and the included bag in this particular issue is no exemption.

While it is not as premium as the Hajime Sorayama Tote, the camo shoulder bag is smaller than the Hajime Sorayama Tote, though it is more generous when it comes to pockets. You get some BAPE hardware on the bag, along with the usual BAPE branding.

Moving on to the magazine, you get photos of BAPE’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection which is highlighted by collabs with READYMADE, OVO, and Reebok. Heck, there’s even a collab with UNO cards!

The magazine and camo shoulder bag bundle is priced at $47(~Php 2.4k), which is a pretty fair price if you ask us.


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