Nowadays, in this mass-produced landscape of sneakers, it seems to be a giant blur of releases. It kind of takes away the excitement from it and you become desensitized. Call it shoe release fatigue or whatever but it becomes boring after awhile.

But then, your faith meter returns with releases that make you beam with joy again… and reach for your wallet. It’s the colors, the look and a little bit of history thrown in that keeps you coming back. Ladies and gents, the infamous Shattered Backboard has returned in low cut form!

Say hello to the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Starfish:

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The Materials 

Upon bringing them out from their cardboard cage, we were so impressed with the looks of the shoes alone. The colors pop at you and they just look so damn attractive—but then it’s the materials that steal the show for this one. The leather is just so buttery and soft that they wrinkle a bit when you run your fingers through them. The mesh seems to be your regular Jordan fare but then that’s expected. Overall, the materials and the quality for this pair is impressive and very much welcomed.

What’s New? 

Given that this is like the fourth iteration of the Shattered Backboard theme, this shoe still delivers something new. If you’ve always wished for an SBB-themed Jordan 1 done right but you hated the High top versions, then this Low OG (emphasis on the OG) is perfect.

Easy to wear and very much friendly for any height, this one won’t look bad on anyone.

Oh, the lace choices are a good touch as well, but black is the best in our humble opinion.

The Sizing

We would strongly suggest that you stick to your usual Jordan 1 size as this fits like any other Jordan 1 Low OG (and even the more modern, non-OG version). If you’d like to size up, just go half a size up for a looser fit then rock the ever-trusted thick socks.

Where to Buy Them

Long sold out for retail from the Nike website, this is still not bad if you want to go the reseller route. Originally priced at around Php 7195, you can still get a pair for around Php 10k to Php 12k. We can’t promise that this price point will stay that way in the coming months so best be quick in getting your pair.

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Starfish Verdict 

Probably one of the year’s best releases, you can never go wrong with a Jordan 1 Low that boasts of a classic colorway. The materials, the lace choices, the overall look and feel and yes, that sweet OG look—Nike Air Branding and old-style heel panel design—that sweeps everyone off their feet. You can either find yourself a pair now or regret it in the coming months especially that the holidays are drawing near. Don’t say we didn’t give you the heads up. Recommended!

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