Kanye West and adidas have forever changed the sneaker game in a lot of ways. Their team-up disrupted Nike’s dominance and have created a wave that we’ve never seen before. Through the Yeezy 350, we’ve seen even the most loyal Swoosh disciples switch places, for many valid and yes, hyped reasons.

It looks very similar to the 2016 version…but trust us, it is different.

Come the last month of 2021, the return of the classic adidas Yeezy 350 V2 in the Beluga Reflective colorway has proven once again that people have never forgotten how good this sneaker is. To say that its outdated and out of style is unfair as it can now be worn with more contemporary and modern styles. it’s like 2016 once again!

What’s New

This version of the Beluga colorway looks deceivingly the same, save for the reflective threads found on the uppers which gives it a nice contrast when the right amount of light hits them. As a whole, we really can’t find anything new to this one compared to the OG ones from 2016. The uppers, the midsoles all are faithful to the original. If you ask us, we’re loving it as we don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for the OG version.

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The Sizing 

As expected, this shoe fits a bit small. We strongly suggest that you go for a half to a full-size up. We’re not saying you’ll be uncomfortable with your actual size but wearing socks will be a challenge as the sides will hurt–we’re telling you they are really snug fitting so play it safe especially if you’re buying without actually fitting them.

That being said, it’s a really comfortable shoe as you can literally walk in these the whole day because of the BOOST technology.

Where To Buy 

From its Php 13,100 SRP (which is higher than the SRP of the non-reflective version back in 2016), you can get one from the reseller market for Php 20-P25,000 – it’s the way the cookie crumbles. It would be safe to say that this shoe is one of the best releases for 2021- a last hurrah for the year we’d say! 

adidas YEEZY 350 V2 Beluga Reflective Verdict

We’re not saying it’s worth it but if you’re to get one Yeezy 350 shoe, then may we recommend this one. It’s an iconic pair that deserves a spot in your Kanye West shoe collection–that is, if you’re a diehard fan. But we’re going to say this: if you’re searching for the perfect shoe that you can get a ton of mileage from, then get this. The shoe looks good AND feels good. We can’t really say that for other shoes that cost as much so we highly recommend it.

Also, if you’ve wanted this colorway/silhouette for the longest time, then here’s your second chance– go for it!

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