From the usual sneakerhead POV, DC Shoes seems to be way out of lane compared to the usual Dunk/Jordan/Yeezy fare. But unbeknownst to many, DC Shoes has been a part of streetwear and sneaker history for so long.

Today, we’ve found a shoe that looks extra interesting off their site. It literally flew under the radar of many people here as got a lot of attention in the US.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the DC Shoes X Bronze56k Lukoda.

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What’s New? 

Just last year, DC Shoes decided to pull from their legacy archive to re-introduce the Lukoda as a collaboration with skate outfit Bronze 56k. The Lukoda first dropped in 1999 and an offshoot build from the infamous DC Lynx as co-signed by Josh Kalis.

20 years later, the shoes are back with an updated Hi-abrasion toe cap and mesh panel side ventilation. Of course, they retained the puffy tongue that has been a DC Shoes trademark from day one.


We would strongly suggest that you go half a size up as this shoe is very fat! Of course they would fit you, but you’d need some thin socks in order to make up for the shoe’s very padded orientation. If you’re into thick socks, then you’ll be struggling with the shoe’s thick build.

How We Feel About Them

We generally feel that without shoes like these, a lot of today’s modern creations won’t exist. All trends come and go, and we believe this pair can be name dropped as an inspiration. Being fans of skate shoes, this particular pair caught our fancy due to its exaggerated fatness. It may not be as comfy as your regular runners–but it sure is different.

Where To Buy 

Currently on sale available via the DC Shoes Philippines Website for only Php 2,920 – a huge difference from its original Php 5,990 price, there are a couple of sizes left if you’re keen. What amazes us is that it goes for $273 on StockX. I mean since when did DC Shoes have actual resale prices? Crazy right? 

DC Shoes X Bronze56k Lukoda Verdict 

If you want to be ahead of the curve and you want something new for your collection, then this may be your best bet. People are literally sleeping on this pair and they really look good. Who knows? Virgil Abloh may just give you a spiritual fist bump for being in the know. 

If you’re into the running side of the spectrum, then do check out our closer look at the New Balance 2002R. 


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