In today’s fast hyped sneaker scenario, it’s really easy to be swayed into the more popular side of things. Remember paying top Pesos for the season’s flavor of the month pair only for them to end up as shelf warmers? Do you feel guilty of sometimes paying so much only to get little mileage out of them?

Well today, we’ve tried to go beyond what’s really popular and find a pair sans the resale value and is readily available. Never mind the current hype of the “Protection Pack” which led to fistfights a couple of weeks ago, we got the next best thing because we’re not spending insane amounts of cash for a runner.

Enter the New Balance 2002R in the “Dark Grey” colorway.

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What’s New

Well, that’s the interesting thing about it. Nothing’s new about it. Lifted and inspired by the iconic MR2002, it’s a nice throwback to a classic and iconic shoe. Nothing special really. It’s a dad shoe that looks pretty sweet and feels comfortable that makes for a nice practical daily runner. 


This pair fits really well as we have no complaints about how they fit. Go true to size on them. Not really snug and not really loose. They just fit like a glove so slip on to your actual size. The mix of mesh and nubuck provides a form-fitting and easy wear.

How Do We Feel About Them

This pair is a nice entry shoe if you’re really not sold on the expensive collab versions and the infamous “Protection Pack” that will set you back to the moon and the stars. Actually, owning this pair may lead you to contentment as this pair looks and feels the part. You won’t need to spend a crazy fortune just to get into the New Balance hype which is funny because they’ve consistently been there and it’s just now that most took notice.

Where to Buy

Now available in selected sizes via the New Balance Lazada flagship store for Php 7995, they are selling out at a rapid pace so do get yours while they are readily available.

The New Balance 2002R “Dark Grey” Verdict 

If you want a no-frills daily runner that’s legit enough to compete with today’s NB style storm and you don’t want to spend an insane amount, then go for it. These look the part, feel the part and they won’t kill your wallet. Highly recommended.


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