Signed Jordans, especially the game worn kind are priceless items that will never lose steam in the collecting world. Remember the Jordan 1s that sold for P28.5M? Well, here’s another one of them via Heritage Auctions. This time, we’re talking about a game-worn, signed pair of Air Jordan 1 from 1986.

Up for bids is a pair of signed and game-worn Air Jordan 1 sneakers dating back from 1986 that feature a very recognizable midsole unit. The pair was worn by The Airness himself back in April Fools’ Day in 1986 at the MECCA Arena. This was when Jordan was struggling with a broken foot and scored a breathtaking 28-points in 26-minutes leading the Bulls to victory.

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Because he was injured, some alterations were made to the usual Jordan 1’s that he wore for play. This enabled Jordan’s healing foot more space as the soles used were softer and wider than usual. Recognize it yet? Yes, it’s from the Nike Dunk.

Recognize the midsoles?

They look pretty interesting and are definitely a grail piece because of their quirky look and backstory. They are unique and can even be a prototype if Jordan Brand decides to mass-produce them. Considering they did make an Air Jordan 1.5–a pair with an Air Jordan 1 upper and Air Jordan 1 midsole–in the past, we’ll not be surprised if Nike capitalizes on the Air Jordan 1 and Dunk hybrid in the future.

Estimated to sell beyond the $1 Million USD mark, how often do you encounter a Jordan Dunk hybrid in the Chicago colorway right?

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