In today’s streetwear and sneaker landscape, rock/metal music has been highly influential in making up its basic foundation. It has always been like that where skate companies draw inspiration from music- the rebellious and heavy in particular.

It’s an undeniable fact that metal forefathers Black Sabbath are notorious for supplying soundtracks for skateboarding through the years and DC Shoes just know when to pay their respects–this time around with a new version of their Striker sneaker.

Today, we are reviewing one of the most revered DC Shoe classics, done up as a tribute to Black Sabbath’s opus “Master of Reality.”

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What’s New

This is probably the first time we’re seeing the DC Striker get this “metallized” treatment. From the packaging at first glance, you know that the colorway and art means total rock business. The shoe itself channels in a very serious and heavy feel to it that counters both the earth toned and the color blowout stuff that’s really popular now. The shoes are meant for hardcore skaters yet you can’t deny that it’s over all aesthetic and feel also promises for a great daily shoe.

The DC logo on the back and the Black Sabbath branding are there if you look really close and its stealthy appeal just adds to that “If you know, you know” type of deal.


As with all DC Shoes, these fit true to size. The semi-stuffed tongues hug out your feet but just enough not to choke the hell out of them. The midsoles have that Air Force 1 feel to it due to its semi-chunky nature that just adds to its overall aesthetic appeal without compromising ground feel.

How Do We Feel About Them 

A fitting shoe tribute to the forefathers of heavy metal. We love the fact that DC Shoes knows what’s up and has that disregard for what’s cool right now. Collaborations like this one only prove that the brand goes deep into the subculture of things and an institution like Black Sabbath deserves this royal treatment. 

Where To Buy

This pair (and the rest of the Black Sabbath collaboration) are available via all local DC Branches and the official DC Online Store for only Php 4790 a pair. They also offer some cool merchandise to go along with it.

DC Striker X Black Sabbath Verdict

If you’re after a shoe that looks good that bears some heavy amount of metal history that can be used on the daily regardless of today’s trends, then go for it. Rock shows may be on the comeback and this is the perfect pair to rock for that momentous occasion. Highly recommended.

In other news, here’s a closer look a the Nike Dunk High “Light Chocolate.” 


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