When it comes to sneakers, there will always be the pairs that you’ll just want to own for collecting purposes and rock for special occasions. Then there are those pairs that look and feel so good that you’d want to rock and beat up on the daily just because they are so comfortable and they look good on you. Enter these hybrid sneakers called the Nike Overbreak SP Un-Mars Yard.

What’s New? 

It’s basically a mishmash of the Nike Daybreak and the Nike ISPA Overreact. So in a nutshell, you are getting a sneaker hybrid with vintage looks and an out of this world midsole. For sure it may not be for everybody which makes the hype meter on them a bit low, and that’s ok.

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They are extremely comfortable, and this can be attributed to the Overreact Midsole. It is definitely soft but not as squishy as the adidas BOOST, which is a good thing as you’d still want some form of control with every step.

Stripped and repainted to life by RG Skills

For some reason, this shoe was originally covered up in the College Grey colorway maybe because it was so similar to the Tom Sachs X NikeCraft Mars Yards – with a little help and repainting from RG Skills, we definitely brought it back to its OG form.

The Sizing

Definitely go half a size up. Don’t let the chunky profile deceive you as they fit narrow and snug. It may look a bit stubby on feet but since they are still the Overbreak uppers, they do fit a bit tight and you wouldn’t want an otherwise comfy runner to kill your feet.

Where To Buy

Currently available in the Nike App for Php 7595 in a white and blue colorway, this one set us back Php 8000 from a reseller and it isn’t that bad. If you really do want this one, you can go online for secondary market pars.

Nike Overbreak SP Un-Mars Yard Verdict

Extremely comfortable and stylish, the Nike Overbreak SPs are perfect for daily wear. The hypebeast in us love this for the obvious Mars Yard colorway but other than that, this shoe is so comfy that you will relegate this shoe from casual to daily beaters just because they feel so damn good. Highly recommended! 

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