Nowadays, with all the bootleg creations lifted off the infamous Nike Dunk, it pays to have some innovation within you to set you apart from the competition. Fresh off our Warren Lotas and DBTK Dunk comparison comes another new contender from Davao with the Portray Ruby Dunk.

What’s New

Based just by a quick glance, the shoe will remind you of the Dunk. But because of little design iterations on the shoe it just looks fresh and innovative. The new thing here is Portray’s desire to enter a more sneakerhead market rather than just cater to the functional skate shoe market. Also, the colors remind us of the classic Purple Pigeon Dunks and for some reason they don’t look forced as it flows perfectly on the silhouette.

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All things considered, go true to size on this pair as they fit perfect. Pretty roomy but snug enough on the right parts, we just love how it embraces your feet but with enough space to keep your toes moving. The suede also helps and makes for added flexibility with the nice leather toeboxes.

How Do We Feel About Them

Frankly, this is one of the best local releases we’ve encountered in a while. The material choices are exceptional, the packaging is superbly done and the overall make and build of the shoe can rival today’s mainstream releases. And for its retail tag price, they are to give that pressure to any local competitor.

Where To Buy 

Limited to just 40 pairs from their FB page, Portray keeps the SRP on the low at Php 2350 a pair. Act fast if you want a pair as we can imagine this one selling out because of its super low size run.

The Portray Ruby Dunk Verdict

We truly are impressed by this release. In a sneaker world where you usually pay more and get less, this may be an exception. Considering its price, you will not be disappointed as this shoe holds a lot of bang for your buck. The simple design alterations off the Dunk inspiration is enough to make it stand on its own. Highly recommended. 

Read more about the brand by way of our Portray feature here. 


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