Filipino Visual Artist Quiccs has gone a long way since his TEQ63 toy creations. Now one of the rising visual artists in the country, Quiccs has created different variations of the TEQ63, along with unique masks following the TEQ63 theme. Quiccs’ popularity is so well-recognized that he secured a partnership with adidas, creating variations of the NanoTEQ that includes one with the iconic Three Stripes.

Right after dropping a Swarovski-encrusted NanoTEQ last month and customizing the new Greenbelt 5 Nieghborhood store with Quiccs’ artwork, adidas further forged its partnership with Quiccs with specially-designed “Made in Manila” basketball tees.

Available in three designs, all three are truly Pinoy from the color palette to the graphic design. Making the tees truly unique are graphics of Quiccs’ TEQ63 figure—making him one of the very few Filipino artists who have their own signature line of tees under adidas!

As a big fan of the adidas Superstar, Quiccs designed his TEQ63 character—his own version of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse—with inspiration from 90s hip-hop, Japanese culture, and graffiti culture, with the character himself rocking a pair of Superstars. “It is a big accomplishment and big dream for me to go beyond the toys I make with adidas,” Quiccs said.

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The “Made in Manila” adidas x Quiccs tee is priced at Php 1,500 and is available at adidas online on October 22 and at select adidas, Sports Central, and Toby’s Sports stores on October 23. The tees will also be made available through retailers like Commonwealth, Sole Academy, and Titan soon. For those living abroad, the tees will be available in the SEA region and China in limited quantities.

If that is not enough to excite you, Quiccs teased that there will be more toys and wearables to come as part of his partnership with adidas—and that means expect Quiccs’ works to be more accessible to everyone soon!

If you have plans to go out soon (remember, safety first!), here’s a peek at the new adidas Greenbelt 5 store:


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