With Aespa being on top of their game as one of the hottest rising girl groups in the 4th-generation of KPop, the quartet released a new single–rather a special remake of Dreams Come True. As part of SM Entertainment’s “remastering project“, Aespa puts their own spin on the 1998 KPop hit from 1st-generation girl group S.E.S.

Coming from launching their first mini album, Aespa’s latest project is interesting, as it brings us back to the very early days of KPop–but with a modern twist.

Who is S.E.S and what’s with the song?

Way before KPop broke into the mainstream (we’re referring to the mid to late 2000s), S.E.S is a girl group from SM Entertainment that is dubbed as one of the best groups in its generation.

Their first three albums are considered as among the best-selling girl group albums in Korea, only to be broken by Blackpink’s The Album in 2020. Dreams Come True comes from their second album Sea & Eugene & Shoo, and the music video showcases a fantasy concept with generous use of CGI for special effects, along with street dance moves.

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The dreamy visuals of Dreams Come True, along with the soothing vibe of the song, is considered to be part of KPop’s history, laying in the foundations of what is KPop now.

Dreams Come True revisited with an Aespa twist

After being performed several times, which include a special performance featuring members of Red Velvet and Twice and a relay dance performance from Weki Meki, it was fitting for Aespa to do their own take at the 1998 hit song. After all, S.E.S is the equivalent of Aespa (or any popular KPop girl group) in the 90s.

In the modern interpretation of Dreams Come True, Aespa tones down their edgy vibe and adapt a mix of fantasy and street concepts for the music video, staying as faithful as possible to the original version.

Listening to both the original 1998 and the new 2021 version of Dreams Come True, it’s impressive how Aespa stayed true to the original S.E.S. version while keeping their trademark sound. All four members have their fair share of lines throughout the song, and their vocals perfectly fit each line they sang.

With the generally positive reception of the modern version of Dreams Come True, SM Entertainment’s remastering initiative proves to be on a very, very good start, and the entertainment giant is expected to dish out more of these modern interpretations of history-defining KPop songs in the future.


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