A popular KPop girl group might endorse it

LG made news lately when it announced its upcoming Velvet line of smartphones, indicating the end of the G-series (and possibly the V-series). According to LG’s press release, the Velvet will have a “Raindrop” camera design, symmetrical front and back curves, and a cleaner branding

Renders of the Velvet surfaced, highlighting LG’s new design language, cleaner branding (no more of that ThinQ nonsense), and a rather slim and tall design. Aside from the leaked renders, one image even has Red Velvet’s Irene holding the phone.

While it is a fan-made edit, this photo looks close to Irene actually endorsing the Velvet.

The fan-made edit does make sense, as LG did tap Red Velvet as endorsers for the V50 ThinQ last year.

Beyond the obvious branding association, LG did trademark the Velvet branding back in the late 2000s as a successor to the LG Chocolate. Back then, LG tapped Girls Generation to promote the phone.

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Both Girls Generation and Red Velvet are under SM Entertainment, so it really makes sense for LG to use the Velvet branding and possibly tap Red Velvet to win back consumers.

Will the LG Velvet be THE phone that will bring back LG to its former glory?


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