Whenever Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak combines their musical genius, chances are that you’re going to be mind blown by their sheer talent and musical ingenuity. Bruno Mars is a legend and is no stranger to the music scene while Anderson .Paak on the other hand is an accomplished artist in this own right, winning several Grammys, including one for Malibu (2016) and one for Ventura (2020). Recently, the two released their newest album under their band name, Silk Sonic. An Evening With Silk Sonic was released last November 12, but its newly released tracks already have hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

We wanted to see what the hype was all about regarding Silk Sonic and we were honestly surprised by the soulful journey that we were taken into. While the album in its entirety is pretty great, we took the daunting task of choosing our top five tracks that you must immediately listen to.

An Evening With Silk Sonic Cover Art

Top 5 An Evening With Silk Sonic Tracks

Leave The Door Open

As music continues to evolve, there is certainly room for music that reminds us of its history. Leave The Door Open opened the door for the current generation to discover elements of the Motown sound. The track is reminiscent of Smoky Robinson’s and Marvin Gaye’s work. These influences and soulful direction are not limited to this song alone but it is actually evident throughout the entire album. Leave The Door Open mixes it up with modern and powerful lyrics and smooth vocals for this generation to enjoy and appreciate. The smooth vocals took center stage and effortlessly blended with rhythmic accents in the song, making the song extremely engaging and catchy.



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Though less popular in terms of YouTube views compared to the prior track, we personally like it as much – maybe a little bit more even. The shifts and layering of rhythmic beats are unpredictable, but at the same time make the song really easy to listen to. The casual and conversational lyrics and vocals balance the complex arrangement so it’s not overwhelming. There is a soothing tone to this song that beautifully combines influences of both the past and present generation of soul and R&B.

Smokin’ Out The Window

The thing about An Evening With Silk Sonic is that though the album has that holistic Motown sound and vibe, each song still has a unique element that distinguishes itself from the other tracks. Case in point: Smokin’ Out The Window has these incredible falsettos that took our breath away. It is also one of the slower songs in the album, but at the same time, one of the catchiest ones. The lyrics and some of the beats and rhythms have a modern sound while still heavily integrating elements taken right from The Temptations era.

Blast Off

Unlike the other tracks, this time, the listener is drawn more into lyrics, which are so easy to follow. The song is such a fun mix. It’s as light as cotton candy and smooth as Bruno Mar’s dance moves. We particularly love how the words “blast of into the sky” flows in the song’s melody. It must also be said that the song has this very psychedelic nature to it that feels like a throwback to the ’80s and ’90s with its slow and easy to dance to R&B sound. In all honesty, this is a song that brings us back to the awesome tracks from Boyz II Men and K-Ci & Jojo’s hit song, All My Life.

Put On A Smile

The song’s introduction makes you think that you’re going to hear a hip-hop track, but then smooth, smooth music follows. The song is definitely more emotional than most of the album’s tracks, telling the story of someone “trying to fight these tears from crying”. It’s like a distant relative of Grenade, but with a more upbeat approach. Still, like the rest of the album, it manages to put a smile on our faces.

We hope you enjoyed listening to the album as much as we did. The album brought a lot of good vibes and served as a great time machine to the roots of Soul and R&B music. We are definitely psyched for more from Silk Sonic as we foresee a bright future ahead for these geniuses in the R&B genre.

Enjoy the rest of the An Evening With Silk Sonic:

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