All Over print shirts were the rage back in the 90s. It was practically everywhere. It was fun, loud and very much a statement when worn anywhere you go. Frankly, it was just a matter of time before people came around to it. Realistically, thrifted shirts of comic characters are becoming more and more steep. in fact, a nice vintage all over print shirt can set you back upwards of Php 10,000, which is crazy.

It’s not just about the price of the all over print shirt. It’s the aesthetics, the cultural weight and the overall nostalgic feel of these things. Remember how comics and action figures were all the rage back then? How about trading cards? Well call it bored from home because of the quarantine but people have re-discovered them. Suddenly, everyone is geeking out on something so old it’s new again. 

From a thrift store standpoint and because they had to reroute comes a duo of former thrift sellers who turned to nostalgia and used it as their calling card. Their shirts will definitely remind you of the 90’s without worrying about the infamous dry rot or shredding to pieces. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome AOP Supply .Co:

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How did AOP Supply .Co start out? What inspired you to create your own clothing line?

We used to just run Madonna Live Auction on Instagram selling vintage shirts that we curated from thrift stores. But then, we noticed that all over print shirts sell well.

Why Marvel characters? How do you pick your designs?

Back in the days, Marvel characters are the most memorable ones from my childhood. Picking the designs is basically just us googling “Marvel Catalog” and adding our own designs to them with fonts etc.

Can you share with us how your manufaturing goes? The process?

It’s a complicated process. Let’s just say it’s a crazy and long one.

You used to sell vintage shirts and thrift shop stuff, what made you make the shift to your own brand?

It was our dream to start our own project like AOP and bring it out in the market. The shift started as thrifting became riskier and the demand is constantly shifting.

Give a celebrity you’d want to rock your shirts?

Actually, we want EVERYONE to wear them. They’re too good not to be rocked.

How do you license your stuff? Aren’t you afraid of Marvel suing you?

We place “AOP SUPPLY .CO ©2021” on our shirts, not the usual copyright thing. So far so good.

Any more plans to expand to more cartoon/comic lines?

Yes, we plan to make more outside of it including movie-inspired ones as well.

Shoutouts? Anything to tell our readers?

Support local artists like us, we promise to make more solid fire stuff!

Speaking of local, you should check out our Label Shoes feature. 


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