With the Japanese being known for the running culture, ASICS announces a unique running competition with the World Ekiden 2020 Virtual Race. The challenge will have teams of six people across the globe compete with six legs of varying distances, catering to the varying experience of runners.

The event has ASICS’ regional celebrities and influencers participating, with Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados and National Olympian Mary Joy Tabal representing the Philippines.

To track progress, Asics will be using the Race Roster and ASICS Runkeeper app, both of which work seamlessly with Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit device. Both apps can track team progress in real-time, along with customized in-race audio experience and virtual tasuki—the narrow band of fabric used in traditional Japanese Ekiden—to give participants the complete experience.

World Ekiden 2020 will happen from November 11 to 22. Interested participants can register here.

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