“Patience is the road to wisdom.” Kao Kalia Yang

If you’ve been itching to buy a shirt or two but patient enough to wait on that sweet sale, well you will be rewarded this September 9!

The 9.9 Lazada Big Brands Sale is just around the corner ,and we’ve gathered some sweet deals to save you time, money and get you some style points in the process as well!

Daily Grind EST Hoodie 

From Php 1995 to 1395 – Cop Here! 

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Perfect for the ‘Ber months, any black hoodie looks sick with any outfit. Get it with a price off!

HUMAN by Proudrace Oversized Print Tee

From Php 699 to Php 174 – Cop here! 

Old school heavy metal is very obvious on this one. Cop, save and rock!

INDIO FILIPINO – Manggagaway 

From Php 695 to Php 612 – Cop here! 

A nice mix of Filipino folklore with streetwear aesthetics thrown in for a good measure.

The Greenery TGCXWIP Snapback 

From Php 1,700 to Php 1,530 – Cop here! 

Whether its raining light outside or the sun suddenly lays down his hellish fury- you can protect your dome effortlessly with this one.

0917 MTV Windbreaker Jacket 

From Php 1795 to Php 1,615 – Cop here! 

80’s vibes run loud on this nice windbreaker jacket. Faded denim not included.

Nick Automatic Breh Chaos Shirt 

From Php 795 to Php 699 – Cop here! 

If you’re into colorful graphics and Japanese cartoons, well this one is a certain no brainer purchase.

TeamManila X EHEADS Smirk Shirt 

From Php 845 to TBA – Cop here! 

The Eraserheads are definite legends, relive their legacy with this shirt for the next gig… whenever that will be.


HGHMNDS Mike Shirt 

From Php 600 to Php 345 – Cop here!

A tribute to Iron Mike, this one will definitely pack you a punch or two in the style department.

TeamManila 70s Tie 

From Php 895 to Php 805 – Cop here! 

Hippie vibes stand loud and proud on this one. Grab a pair of Grateful Dead Dunk SB’s and it’s a wrap!

Evil Genius – Troopers 

From Php 999 to Php 410 – Cop here! 

Inspired by a not so famous movie franchise… should we say it? Star… Nah! You know the drill.


TeamManila X EHEADS Graff Bucket Hat 

From Php 695 to Php 395 – Cop here! 

Profess your love for the OPM Legends in this stylish Fisherman style hat.


From Php 700 to Php 445 – Cop here! 

Fill your streetwear need with a can or two of everyone’s favorite breakfast.


Daily Grind Italics Hoodie 

From Php 1995 to TBA – Cop here! 

Keep it simple, dark… Hoods up!


Nick Automatic Sailormoon DTG Shirt 

From Php 750 to Php 660 – Cop here!

A neat tribute to the ever-iconic Sailormoon cartoon. Cute but wicked!

Human By Proudrace Oversized Hood Tee 

From Php 899 to Php 224 – Cop here!

For those unpredictable rain or shine situations, you got the hood on for the rain yet the short sleeves won’t keep you hot in case it’s sunny the whole time.

So there! These and more at The 9.9 Lazada Big Brands Sale happening this September 9! Keep your eyes peeled for more savings coming up. Best add to your trusty shopping cart as early as now.


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