Cactus Plant Flea Market gained a lot of traction through its past collaboration with Nike for the Nike Air Max. While that partnership was for a pair of sneakers, the duo is back, yet this time for an apparel collection. Comprised of six different pieces, the Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike “Go Flea” Collection utilizes distinct color blocking, oversized fitting, and diverse branding.

Workwear Jacket

Leading the apparel collection, we have a black-washed workwear jacket. As seen at first glance, Nike has more dominant branding on this piece through the large Nike Air logo and spell out on the front of the jacket. On the back, however, “Air Sunshine” is spelled out in bold red lettering with a design that resembles a recycling sign separating both words. CPFM takes the backseat with lowkey branding found on the jacket’s hip garter.

Long-sleeved Polo

Another staple piece of this collection is the long-sleeved polo. Utilizing cream, dark green, and red, the piece has impeccable contrast throughout. While it seems like a mouthful initially, the compatibility of the colors allows each color blocking and design to fit in seamlessly with each other. The finished product of all these design elements is a clean vintage-inspired long-sleeved polo that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Long-sleeved Jersey

A more lowkey piece out of the collection, we have the grey long-sleeved jersey. Like the other pieces, Nike branding is prominent as a white Swoosh can be seen on the upper-middle chest, and a royal blue Swoosh is found on the marathon bib. In addition, the marathon bib dons the number “955” in bold black font. On the back of this piece, we can see the entire collection’s name as “Go Flea” is partnered with the silhouette of a runner.

Short-sleeved Football Jersey

Adding more contrast to the collection, we have a dark green short-sleeved football jersey with large white designs. Just like the “Go Flea” design found on the back of the grey long-sleeved jersey, the same design appears on the front of this piece. Also in the front are Nike and Air lettering on each shoulder. While on the back, “Just Do It” is plastered in true Nike fashion, along with the number “72”.

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Garmet-washed Shoebox Hoodie

Now, if you’re a fan of Nike, you know exactly where the design inspiration of this hoodie comes from. That’s right—the Nike shoebox. Matching even the bright orange color of the iconic Nike shoebox, this hoodie allows you to wear a part of Nike history. Similar to the dark green short-sleeved football jersey, “Just Do It” is found on this piece’s arm sleeve.

Multi-panel Pants

Being the only bottom piece in this collection, the multi-panel pants is definitely one of the loudest pieces. Incorporating shades of red, black, grey, and white, these pants give off an irreplaceable retro vibe. Supported by the vintage Nike branding, wearing these pants is sure to give you and people around you a blast from the past!

Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Go Flea Collection Release date

This entire collection is slated to release on April 8 via Nike SNKRS. The prices of the apparel found in this collection range from $100 (~Php 4.9k) to $400 (~Php 1.9k).

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