Music indeed brings out the best in all of us. It’s a way for us to de-stress, celebrate and live it up! When it comes to creating anthems of this caliber, Three-time GRAMMY Award-nominated, multi-platinum, and chart-topping singer/songwriter Camila Cabello knows that for a fact and has just made a massive comeback via her new Latin-inspired single Don’t Go Yet.

One spin of the song and you will definitely be hooked by its dancey nature and celebratory rhythms, not to mention Camila’s uplifting vocal style and lyrics. She also mentions its lyrical inspiration through her tweet below…


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Alongside the new release, Camila also debuted the music video for the track, giving you the idea that this song is not to be enjoyed sitting down—you got to move to it!

Rich with rhythm and harmonies, the Latin-inspired track highlights her Mexican and Cuban roots while giving you a Last Song Syndrome chorus that will leave you humming on your own for a long time!


Don’t Go Yet is written by Camila Cabello, Scott Harris, Ricky Reed, and Mike Sabath, and is produced by Mike Sabath and Ricky Reed. The single also includes live percussion by acclaimed Cuban drummer Pedrito Martinez.

Officially her latest release since her 2019 platinum-certified #1 album, Romance, Don’t Go Yet is a strong follow up to the hit single My Oh My (featuring DaBaby), which went No.1 on the Billboard pop radio charts in 2020.

The new track will also appear on her upcoming third full-length album, Familia. This single for sure will set the heat meter up, rain or shine!

Camila Cabello’s Don’t Go Yet is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

In other news, LANY is back with a new single! 




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