The slew of new music that was released by Lorde, SB19, and Kanye West these past few days has given us so much joy, proving once again that art breathes life into the world. If you’re looking for more tracks to add to your playlist, then by all means, check out up to me by LANY. The song was released last July 15 along with dna. Both are part of their upcoming album, gg bb xx.

LANY group Up to Me
Image from LANY IG

The track is currently part of the top picks under YouTube’s music category, and has around 470k views as of this writing. It has also garnered more than 2.5 million listeners on Spotify and a cover from Alana Springsteen. To complement their new song, LANY also announced that they will be having a tour in the US.

What is our take on the new LANY single?

The song fuses an electric, dreamy style that has concert vibes written all over it. It is a feel-good track that produces happy hormones, freeing us of the day’s current worries and woes. We also appreciate that even though the song is very upbeat, it is still very relaxing to listen to. Up to me talks about being young and in love and beautifully captures the excitement and freedom of living.

LANY’s songs choices balances emo hugot ones like ILYSB and Malibu Nights with tracks like up to me and Dancing in the Kitchen. Still, their tracks seem to collectively capture that dreamy feeling of living and being free, and really, who doesn’t want to relish that? LANY may mean Los Angeles New York, but because of their talent, they are gaining the love of the world.

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Did you like up to me? Channel that happy feeling even more with Lorde’s Solar Power.



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