Champion is one of the most well-known brands out there when it comes to streetwear. They have collaborated with high-profile brands like Supreme, and people simply go crazy with them, no matter how simple the designs may be.

As a maestro when it comes to collabs. Champion teamed up with gaming brand HyperX for a collection that consists of a tee, a hoodie, and a pair of slides.

All decked in black, what makes the collection unique is the modernized Champion logo paired with the HyperX logo. The branding is made out of rainbow reflective material that becomes iridescent when light hits through it—just like all those fancy RGB lighting we see on gaming rigs.

Here’s the catch though: save for the slides, the tee and hoodie are already sold out, less than a day after they went live on Champion’s website. We’re still hoping that they will restock—who knows, Champion might grant our wish.

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