UPDATE: We figured out what the date on the shoe actually means thanks to our friend! Also updated the price of the Harden Vol. 5.

Quiccs Maiquez is one busy individual these days. Aside from expanding his TEQ collection that includes a huge, life-sized version, he is also sharing his work to the world thanks to his partnership with adidas. Quiccs has created two t-shirt collections with the Three Stripes so far, and has a special pair of sneakers designed for adidas with the Harden Vol 5 Quiccs.

The special sneaker was debuted by James Harden himself—where The Beard scored 41 points against the Boston Celtics in Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs. While the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Celtics, the main spotlight here was what was on Harden’s feet.

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Rocking the latest version of his signature sneaker, the Harden Vol 5 Quiccs is distinct for having Quiccs’ name on the heel area, along with the number 63 that represents the Philippines’ area code.

Making this sneaker truly Pinoy is its its of red, blue, and yellow: the encapsulated Boost midsole has yellow marbling, while the translucent outsole has a mix of red, blue, and yellow along with a graphic of what appears to be an adidas sneaker.

Moving to the upper, the panels make use of red and blue, along with trademark Quiccs branding on the heel. Aside from the number 63, there’s a date on the upper mentioning 06-26-19. A friend of us explained that the date refers to the day when Harden visited Manila for the Free to Harden Tour. Completing the look is an adidas MNL branding on the insoles, giving them a truly patriotic vibe.

adidas Harden Vol 5 Quiccs release date

Being a sneaker with a Philippines theme, the Harden Vol 5 Quiccs will drop in Independence Day, June 12, which is the best day to officially launch a sneaker that screams Pinoy Pride. The Harden Vol 5 is priced at Php 7,000, which is a good price for a sneaker that is designed by a Filipino.


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