Jeepney Awareness Short Sleeve Tee.

Commonwealth has gained itself a following by curating both established and rising brands in the streetwear scene, making it a go-to multi-brand shop for that raw, street look. Their newest brand, hails from the tropical paradise of Cebu. It’s name? Tropical Futures.

Tropical Futures was founded in 2015 as an experiment in contemporary culture. They produce everything between art exhibitions, residencies, zinefests, loud parties, community shows, workshops, and talks. The proceeds that they get from their clothing line are all used to fund their projects and expenses.

Aside from the Cebu, Manila, Bacolod, Tropical Futures also works with collaborators who are based in New York, Bali, and Singapore.

More than the design, are the stories and work that happened behind their pieces. For instance,  “Thinking Like an Archipelago” is inspired by Martinique philosopher Éduard Glissant, who has written much about the concept of archipelagic thinking from the Caribbean.

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Philippine Love Songs Long Sleeve Tee.
TLAA Short Sleeve Tee.

The short-sleeved tees are priced at Php 2,900 while the long-sleeved tee is priced at Php 3,700 and the hoodie is priced at Php 7,300. All apparel are available at all Commonwealth stores including their web store.

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