In today’s days of much-celebrated hype and influencer power, sneakers have been today’s go-to status symbols.

It doesn’t really require much rocket science to realize that sneakers are judged on reselling price and IG-worthiness. It’s quite refreshing to unbox something that’s pretty much under the radar and for the most part ignored by the rest of the mainstream shoe world. For today, we are giving our honest review of the Converse CONS One Star in the Philippines.

The Materials 

A simple shoe that carries the Converse tradition, the One Star is predominantly a black suede shoe with white vulcanized midsoles. One look at them and you basically have nothing to worry about what clothes will match them. They just look simple and ready to rock. Neon green shirts? Rock. Camouflage pants? Rock. Loud floral patterns? Rock.

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What’s New?

These are also far superior improvements done within the sneaker. Since Converse is now a Nike property, this pair has enjoyed this update as well. The tongue is now updated with garters, along with comfier Zoom Air insoles making this pair perfect for skateboarding as well as casual wear.

On feet shot from Weartested

One personal problem I had with the One Star way back was how the tongues would slide left to right and vice versa, and that can be pretty annoying. The insoles also add more bounce to your step. Imagine Nike SB tech on a basic shoe–it’s quite refreshing.

Sorry not sorry for the CROCS

Unlike the old version from way back that is made from canvas, this one is done up in a classy suede material that adds to its pliability and fast break-in period. One wear and you’re hooked.

The Sizing 

The sizing is where this shoe gets tricky. Some say go down half to one size as they fit big. I did just that and had to sell my pair to get my regular size. They do fit, but there seems to be a point of discomfort around my pinkie toe which I can’t stand for the whole day. My goal is to use these as daily beaters and they can’t serve their purpose if my feet are screaming bloody hell. To be safe, rock your true size then go get thick socks. Your feet will thank you.

Where to Buy it?

An exclusive release from Cebu-based skate shop Common Ground, these only cost Php 4,390 – a minuscule fraction of what we’d usually spend on hype shoes and the like which makes it a welcome relief. Well, anything retail priced now is up to our alley.

Converse CONS One Star Review Verdict 

Overall, the perfect daily shoe which you can rock practically anytime without drawing attention. As times change, shoe tastes go with them and there is a minority out there who’d love an understated shoe just for the heck of it.

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