Just recently, we posted about Don’t Blame the Kids’ (DBTK) Sesame Street lineThe art and conceptualization of the designs were mainly done by Vince Kids (Creative Director & Co-Owner of DBTK) and Brian “Kidillus” Villanueva (Graphic Designer of DBTK), and it took weeks to finish. DTBK needed to send drafts to Sesame Street, so they could approve the designs or check if revisions were needed. The designs’ inspiration mainly revolved around having fun with friends and accepting diversity. 

The DBTK team shares that Sesame Street had a big impact on them, since they grew up watching the show. Also, Sesame Street’s vision of caring for yourself, as well as the people around you, is something the brand shares. 

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“In addition, we also like to commend the efforts of the whole DBTK team since everything is possible because of teamwork and hard work. Also, despite the pandemic, we were still able to do a photoshoot, produce a lookbook video, and execute something new, without sacrificing the quality. Seeing our vision come to life was very rewarding. We had so much fun working on this collaboration,” shares a DBTK rep. 

DBTK started in 2012 as a passion project of brothers Eric and Vince. It eventually grew to become one of the leaders in the Philippine streetwear scene. Each DBTK design voices a remarkable message and unique artistry. Its flagship store is located at Project 8, Quezon City. Check them out at their site


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