Productivity can sometimes be a challenge, moreso when burn out is in the midst. People are constantly looking for things to help them cope, for things that can boost their mood. Exhibit A, LoFi music. It has gained popularity with Lofi Girl having more than 10 million YouTube followers. Ever wondered what your favorite Disney songs would sound like as LoFi beats? Now, you don’t have to, as Disney just dropped LOFI Minnie: FOCUS.

What exactly is LoFi music and its benefits?

An article from Kulture Hub writes LoFi music or low-fidelity music as something that contains audible imperfections like background noise or performance mistakes. Its characteristics include drum loops and jazz chords, that can create a relaxing and stress-free listening experience.

Kulture Hub explains: “Lo-Fi releases Serotonin–a neurotransmitter known as “Happy Hormone”, increases Dopamine, and decreases Cortisol (a stress hormone).

The music itself produces positive neurophysiological effects that help increase brain activities. Moreover, other benefits that Lo-Fi music bring are improved cognitive ability, elevated mood, reduced anxiety, and restorative effects.”

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This can explain its popularity among students and professionals who benefit from its effects.

Disney’s LOFI Minnie FOCUS: the listening experience

Believe it or not, it is apparently curated by Minnie Mouse. In a press release, Disney explains that “Disney and Minnie Mouse are a natural fit with LoFi, especially with Minnie’s interests in creativity, music, and wellness leaning into lo-fi’s penchant for self-expression and its calming meditative properties”

We listened to the playlist while writing and it definitely helped us concentrate and boost our productivity. Our favorite tracks would have to be Go the Distance (which is always inspiring to listen to) as well as Hakuna Matata.  It gives us a similar vibe to Daniel Caesar’s and H.E.R.‘s music. It’s chill and inspiring.

Give it a listen and let us know if it works for you!


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