H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) creates music that gives us such a vibe. Its sophisticated and revealing lyrics; a mix of slow and smooth tunes; and engaging beats is a perfect companion for a relaxing afternoon at home or at a coffee shop. Her latest album, Back of My Mind, is a brave and revealing piece combining both fun and vulnerability for RNB lovers and fans of bass-injected pieces. Here is a look at 10 of her new album’s singles.

1.Come Through (feat. Chris Brown)
In the mood for chill music for unwinding after a long day from work? Give this one a listen. The piece is mellow but filled with energy and vibe. We particularly like the flowing rhythm and snazzy bass patterns of the song that make us want to bob our heads along with H.E.R. and Chris Brown.

2. SLIDE feat. YG
The casual and conversational attack in the vocals paired with a smart injection of snares and basses makes for a playful track that we can’t help but put on repeat. Its lyrics are explicit and raw. What a hot track.

Things get vulnerable and open in Damage, an honest statement to someone. With lyrics like “If you let me, don’t take me for granted.”, we are reminded of the ecstatic-scary feeling of liking or falling for someone. Its smooth vocals and melody paired with jazzy instrumentals are so relaxing to listen to.

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4. I Can Have It All (feat. DJ Khaled & Bryson Tiller)
Let’s talk about girl power and belief in one’s dreams. It’s not as energetic as DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win but it’s just as inspiring and powerful. Aside from H.E.R.’s electric vocals, we particularly like the introduction part of DJ Khaled and wish just a bit more of it in the track.

5.My Own
A post-break-up track? H.E.R’s got you. This is a vulnerable piece that anyone can love. Her signature basses in the track, plus its honestly and relatability, are key things we appreciate.

6. Lucky 
The song opens strong with catchy basses at the beginning. We love how the song is sounds conversational, almost rap-like. Still, it’s very feminine and captures how solid H.E.R.’s vocals are.

7. For Anyone 
You can’t teach soul and this track has it. We found ourselves intently listening to the lyrics and vocals. It’s open and wistful. Words like, “I can’t find a reason to replace the feeling that you left behind.” and “You left me broken, now my heart open for anyone.” captures the struggle of moving on. We could also feel the honestly and struggle in the vocals. It will make you forget what you’re doing, or where you are, at the moment and empathize with the singer…or maybe recall a past heartbreak of your own.

8. Back of My Mind
While it is the name of the album, it was overshadowed by other tracks. Still, it’s a pleasant tune that you’ll take time to listen to. Probably the most catchy bit of the song is when the words of its title are uttered. How it’s integrated into the song is pretty clever, actually.

9. Trauma Feat. Cordae 
The hip-hop flare present is a welcome addition to the album. It’s refreshing to the ears after listening to rather a lot of sentimental and emotional tracks. Listening to the track makes you focus on the beats and sound of the vocals rather than processing what H.E.R. is actually saying. Sometimes you just want to enjoy these elements when listening to music and this track offers the listener a good solid 4 minutes and 31 seconds.

10. Bloody Waters feat. Thundercat
This is probably the most unique and experimental of all the tracks. It takes a leap from the framework of other songs in the album and goes old school, reminding us a little bit of Alicia Keys’ earlier work.

What a soulful journey this album gives. It’s definitely worth the listen! H.E.R. has definitely taken her music to another level.

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