You don’t have to be in their fanbase to acknowledge Korean supergroup BTS’s continuous and non-stop rise internationally with every hit song that they release. The Korean supergroup continues to dominate the charts, setting new records and even breaking ones that they themselves have set — a testament to the group’s continuous growth. And BTS have done it yet again with their newly released single, ‘Butter’.

Breaking records

The single came out last May 21 on Youtube and immediately decimated the charts as the group’s devoted fans took to social media to support the K-Pop superstars. Within a 24-hour time frame, the newly released English-language single gained approximately 113 million views on Youtube and became the No.1 song on the United States iTunes chart within just two hours of its debut. ‘Butter’ broke the group’s previous record on Youtube of 101.1 million views with their 2020 hit single ‘Dynamite’.

Smooth Moves, Beats, and Rhythms

The new single speaks for itself – “It’s smooth like butter”. In what can unarguably be described as the summer song of the year, ‘Butter’ has a catchy tune with a nostalgic disco vibe that feels old and new at the same time.

“We tried to prepare a song that’s easy to listen to instead of having a heavy or profound message. This is a little bit embarrassing, but [it’s] a song that’s smooth like butter, a song that sort of melts into you and grabs hold of you,” said Jimin in their recent press release.

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The music video features all the elements that make BTS famous and beloved by its fans.  The stunning visuals, popping colors, perfectly choreographed dance moves and the swag and stylish looks of each member of the group are sure to entice fans and newbies alike.

An Army Behind BTS

BTS continuously reminds us of the power of their fanbase whose steadfast support propels the group into new heights with every song that they release. A literal worldwide army serves as the driving force, inspiration, and backbone to the success of the K-Pop group. The all-out support of the international fan base has propelled BTS into greater heights including the accolades that they received during this year’s Billboard Music Awards. The group managed to grab all 4 awards that they were nominated for including Top Selling Song for Dynamite,  Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist, and Top Social Artist which they have won for 5 consecutive years.

BTS, for their music video for ‘Butter’, showcases a literal “thank you” note to their fans as they spell out the word “ARMY”. This simple yet powerful gesture is an indication of their gratitude and is a statement of humility for always knowing how and from whom their success comes. This gesture is just one of the many that they continue to do to show their gratefulness and love to their fans.

There is something almost magical about how BTS continues to dominate in the realm of music. They are able to connect people despite the age, cultural, geographical, and even musical preference gaps that we may all have and are able to unite us all. It is no wonder why their fame has reached almost every crevice of the world – their music lyrically and melodically are relatable and their character is beyond reproach. The humble beginnings of the group to their humble and grateful dispositions up until today have created men truly worth admiring.

The ARMY here in the Philippines will also receive a special treat pretty soon as a BTS pop-up store opens in Metro Manila. The good news was announced on Twitter by the group’s agency HYBE. The BTS Pop-Up: Map of the Soul showcase will run in the Philippines from May 29 to August 29 which was also teased by SM Malls.

To get a glimpse of what to expect, BTS shared a video of them visiting the showcase in Seoul last year.

In celebration of all the milestones that BTS has achieved so far, this is the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane with the best songs from BTS current discography after you listen to “Butter.”

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