It always starts with a spark… be it a stroke of genius or that eureka moment, every innovative thing in this world begins from a small lightning bolt of ideas.

Carson Dalzen

Such is the case with the latest creation from DBTK: the “Spark” Dunk. When the shoes spread like wildfire on social media, everyone had their strong opinions about it. Some loved it and embraced it with open arms. Some laughed at it and called it a BAPE/Nike Dunk hybrid which is totally dismissive and a bit uninformed of today’s thriving bootleg culture—but we understand.

Carson Dalzen

But you see, to decide on something whether people will like it or not—that is the beauty of it. Which made us instant fans of the said release. We’ve caught up with DBTK’s Vince and Emil Javier to get the lowdown on how the shoe came about…

First off, why did you pick the Dunk as the silhouette to recreate?

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I’m a fan of Nike Dunks since 2008. Actually, nag resell din kami ng sneakers before DBTK around 2009 until 2013 then focus na sa brand.

For me, isa din kasi sa dream namin sa DBTK is to have a LEGIT collab with Nike and SB silhouette talaga.

Dami kasi history ung SB lalo narin sa collaborations. Matagal ko na iniimagine ung possible na look. 

Carson Dalzen

Can you give us a backstory on how you came up with the DBTK Spark Dunk?

Gusto namin gumawa ng something na hindi pa namin nagagawa. Sa dami ng di pa namin nagagawa, isa na ung pag create ng sneakers na own brand. Way back 2017 kasi nakipag collab kami with Pony footwear. Isa din sa best collab namin yun dahil first ever sneaker na local and international footwear collab sya. Masaya ung process nya pero shempre, hindi mawawala ung restrictions pag dating sa design, pag pili ng material din.

Anyway, reason din ba’t namin pinush itong idea dahil gusto namin gumawa ng noise na pag uusapan ka. Na envision na namin yung possible na mangyari dito sa project na to. Magiging controversial sya, may positive, and negative comments. May mga matutuwa, may mga maiinis, may mga walang comment, pero bottom line, yun talaga gusto namin mangyari.

Carson Dalzen

Minsan, ung mga bagay na hindi ka comfortable na may possible risk, maganda na itry din minsan.

DBTK has always been about challenging us not just as a brand but as individuals. Ever since our childhood, our parents taught us to always have a goal in everything that you do, and to be able to accept challenges along the way. Just like with DBTK Spark, we were prepared to take on the challenge and make the best possible outcome for this.

With the Warren Lotas story as well as the current crusade of Nike against custom sneakers, we say its a ballsy move! Aren’t you afraid of the backlash your brand and the shoe might get?

Yes, naisip din namin yun pero maliit pa ung brand para gawin yun samin. It’s only a hundred pairs and nag try lang din kami mag take ng risk para ipush thru ito. Sabi ko nga, gusto lang namin na may mapag usapan bago matapos ang 2021.

Carson Dalzen

What’s your take on the shoe being resold for more than double? Are you all about it?

For me shempre, best parin to buy at SRP. Pero years ago nag start na ung resell business, hindi narin sya bago lalo na dito sa Philippines though marami parin hindi nakakaintindi and hindi maka gets bakit ganun. Nasa demand kasi yun and “want” ng tao para makakuha ng pair mismo. Siguro kung gusto mo talaga ung bagay and willing ka to pay higher sa SRP lalo na syempre kung soldout na. That is how supply and demand works.

Carson Dalzen

May good side and bad side naman lahat ng bagay. At the end of the day for me as the owner and creative, gusto lang namin na magustuhan nila at willing sila bumili and invest sa creation mo. Putting all your efforts for a product and seeing people appreciating them has to be the most satisfying thing to see.

With the success of the DBTK Spark Dunk, are you seeing yourselves release another shoe? Would it go the same route?

We have always been open to possibilities in exploring new things for DBTK. One thing is for sure, when we decide to make another one, we’ll make sure that we’ll give it our best.

Carson Dalzen

Can you expound on how the line “Dream Big, Start Small” connects with the shoe? Also, why the colorway?

From being an athlete at a young age, from reselling shoes during our college years, to finally deciding to create our very own brand 10 years ago, we’ve always known that for one to truly appreciate his/her work, you must always start from ground up. The feel of being challenged on your first day, to slowly but surely seeing progress along the way, knowing that the struggles will only get harder, but truly worth it, that is what gives meaning to the shoe. Everyday, we enter in a whole new territory and have a feel in it, then when the time is right, we make our move and execute in a way that will make us feel alive and happy.

For the colorway, yun ung mood namin nung nag dedecide kami what to release. We made around 8 colorways and eto yung napag botohan namin. Nakakatuwa kasi ang ganda ng kinalabasan sa personal. From choosing what fabric, material, kind of print, we made sure that we love the outcome of the product first.

Your message to our readers?

There’s always a “Spark” in each one of us. Spark of ideas that can be real when executed right, dreams that are just waiting to be unleashed when acted upon. You’ll just have to start making your moves and believe.

Thanks Vince and Emil! 

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Carson Dalzen


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