Caps are basically essentials for everyone. Call it a love for the 90’s but it never left. The snapback cap is like the urban counterpart of the leather jacket. That also goes without saying that today’s rockstars don’t really dress like rockstars anymore- you know, just chill and utilitarian and what more can be as utilitarian as having a cap on your head? Rain or shine, it has you covered.

We recently got in touch with WIP CAPS, they are what we can consider OG’s in the cap game here in the Philippines, but then they’ve got more brewing soon. Do get a cup of joe and know more about the brand here:

Can you give us a little history about WIP CAPS? How did the brand begin?

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Hmmm from what we remember is that there were a lot of rum cokes involved haha. It was just a group of friends from high school hanging out and trying to find a reason to leave their jobs and an excuse to spend more time together. At the core of it, we were all cap nerds growing up and each coming from different backgrounds and cultures that needed/wanted to express themselves. It was really about that.

We see the brand immersing itself with a wide array of brands and artists, can you still remember how your brand first got into collaborations?

It really came about organically. Artists started hitting us up to support them with the stuff we were coming out with and then as everyone started to progress and come up — it made sense to come out with stuff that would reflect both brands. It also helped that our crew was into a wide spectrum of genres in art, music, etc. So unique collaborations came naturally.

Speaking of collaborations, what would your dream collab with be?

This is a hard one. We’ll just go ahead and say a collaboration with a dream partner may not be a dream collab but a dream collaboration may come from a brand that we didn’t necessarily have on top of mind. We love the process.

You’ve been producing snapbacks even when it wasn’t as popular. What’s the key to your staying power?

Staying true to what drove us to start the brand in the first place — a deep love for caps and the subcultures that shaped us. We wanted each piece to reflect the essence of each story. Maybe people also appreciate the details in our designs and embroidery. We pride ourselves on that.

If given the chance to branch out to other product categories, what would you explore and why?

Tough also. But we’ll just say that one of our primary core values is to stick to what we know, but this is where collaborations come in — partnering up with other brands that are a master of their products.

When it comes to your brand, what is it that you’re truly proud of?

Haha. Staying true to what drove us to start the brand in the first place — a deep love for caps and the subcultures that shaped us. We really try and get those stories across to reflect those individuals who can relate to it. Honestly, it might be about just being around since the start of the streetwear scene here, and now seeing where it is, it’s exciting.

Future plans, shoutouts? Message to our readers?

Looking forward to finally opening up shop once this pandemic is over! Get your boosters. Let’s go!

Thank you WIP Caps! 

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