Every year brings in a series of inventions and innovations. However, in the sneaker world, we also get a blast from the past with reimagined silhouettes that would roam the streets decades ago. In 2021 for example, Adidas and New Balance did just that as they rebirthed their iconic Forum and 550 designs respectively. While we never know which retro sneakers will make their way to modern times in the following years, we can only hope that we get a taste of the best from the deep files within each brand’s archive. Join us as we present our take on Old Sneakers That Should Be Given the Spotlight in 2022.

Old Sneakers That Should Be Given the Spotlight in 2022

  • Nike P-6000
  • New Balance CT750
  • Nike Air Edge 1994
  • adidas Spezial
  • Adidas ‘The Jet’ Adiprene Torsion


Nike P-6000

The Nike P-6000 is a product of the mashup between the Nike Pegasus 25 and 2006. With these models serving as the parents of the P-6000, we see a very strong 2000s running influence on the sneaker. While this particular model has gotten somewhat of a spotlight in 2020, it simply wasn’t enough. Unlike most sneakers of its kind that incorporates an intricate cage design, the Nike P-6000 still remains very sleek overall. With so many elements within the sneaker, there are so many opportunities for collaborating brands to stamp their own logo alongside Nike’s.


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New Balance CT750

Without a doubt, the New Balance 550 that resurfaced in 2021 was one of the sneakers of the year thanks to its Aimé Leon Dore collaboration. Reminiscent of the 550 design, the New Balance CT750 sticks to the sneaker brand’s roots. When this sneaker was first released decades ago, it came in the brand’s basic colors as seen in the image above. However, if the CT750 were to be given the spotlight this year, the introduction of more contemporary colors such as dark green or dark red as seen on the Aimé Leon Dore 550s would surely turn heads.


Nike Air Edge 1994

When looking at the Nike Air Edge ’94 many years after it was released, it still remains to be a shoe that does need any type of altering whatsoever. While it displays a rather chunky design that the new age tends to stray away from, this silhouette can serve as a very strong option for all the fans of dad shoes out there. In addition, the retro color blocking of the ’90s as seen on this sneaker is more relevant than ever with the resurgence of vintage trends and styles.


Adidas Spezial

It isn’t like the adidas Spezial hasn’t seen a rerelease since its original launch. Despite this, just like the Nike P-6000, this sneaker silhouette hasn’t gotten the spotlight and hype it may potentially deserve. From the colorway above alone, don’t some ideas pop into your head? This past year we got to see the brand with three stripes partner up with a high fashion luxury brand, Prada for the Luna Rossa 21. That being said, it isn’t so far-fetched that adidas could partner up with another high fashion luxury brand like Louis Vuitton to stamp some monogram on this sneaker and send resell prices to the moon.


adidas ‘The Jet’ Adiprene Torsion

Many years later, the wavy design imprinted on the adidas ‘The Jet’ Adiprene Torsion sneaker, which was released in 1999, still remains captivating as ever. With such a flowy upper design, the Adidas Adiprene Torsion could make use of light pastel color blocking to birth an instant classic. This is only one of the many retro Adidas sneaker designs that have so much potential for a rerelease.

Unfortunately, it isn’t likely that the sneakers above will be given the spotlight they deserve in 2022. However, we can continue to hope that in one of the coming years, the brands will pick up one of the designs mentioned and work their magic to offer something special to the new generation. What other old sneakers do you think should be given the spotlight in 2022?

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