Creating Art Toys is no walk in the park. It may look easy but behind the cute and exaggerated characters are the struggles that every creator has to put up with. It’s the blood, the sweat, and the tears that an artist has to deal with even before he gets around to some form of recognition.
One artist we’ve seen from the ground up is Evil Roy Studio. Also known as Cristopher Diño, the guy started out marketing his works through social media and has gained a fanbase by doing so. from his Jabra Art toy to his MAC-10, the guy’s journey has just gotten started!
How did Evilroy start? Was it a goal to create a toy brand for yourself or was it a spontaneous thing? 
I started making sculptures back in 2018. Back then, there are no plans to build a profile yet, until I discovered the resin garage kit. Sculpting isn’t cheap; the materials are expensive and often needed to be exported overseas. To continue this hobby I started to research how I can earn cash doing it. Then I came across garage kits and wanted to get involved and to do that, I needed a brand. The name EvilRoy was a gun/armory brand in USA. I like how it sounded so I went for it. I was not successful doing garage kits though. There is no scene here in the Philippines and it is hard to please international modelers. I discovered that there is a scene for art toys here. I decide to get involved using the same brand name.
What was your first-ever creation that made a buzz in your opinion?
I think the creation that got me involved in the scene was the Jabra Heads. The release was a success because I was able to sell all 20 of it. I leveraged over the price, design, size, and function. I think collectors liked it because it is nice to see a figure that has exposed hands 🙂 A lot of figures back then were formatted after Quiccs’s figure with tucked hands-on pockets. The Jabra Heads are also really cheap considering the size and interchangeable hands function.
How does your design process go? Do you go for the sketch approach or do you sculpt spontaneously? 
I don’t know how to draw. So I usually directly sculpt the figures. The design goes as I sculpt the model. I will design one part, If it doesn’t work I remove it and start over until I’m happy with it.
There is no undo, redo or copy and paste on traditional so it is extra challenging. But this is how I like it! Sculpting is labor 🙂 I have so many designs that don’t work and end up in the trash can 🙂

Your latest one, the MAC-10 is a mix of mecha and Japanese culture. Can you expound further on the character? Looks sick by the way. 
The MAC-10 is inspired by Daytoner’s Master Nine Eyes and a skin from the game Ghost of Tsushima. I really liked them but I don’t have the cash to buy M9E and I don’t have a Playstation console, so I created a toy to itch my geeky fandom. It just happened that it turned out really cool and figure collectors might like it too so I decided to produce it.
If you had an opportunity to collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? 
Locally, of course Quiccs. I like the samurai, mecha vibe that he injected in Ghost of Kurosawa. I think it’ll be fun to make something of that sort. Internationally, Its JTStudio (Jei Tseing). I’m a fan of his, A lot of my creations are inspired by some of his work. I like how he makes these serious look on his figure what we call in Tagalog “Angas” 🙂 
What do you think of the local art toy scene in general? 
The local toy scene is striving! We have really talented artists and a very supportive community. Actually, we already made it! Quiccs has made it in terms of recognition. It’s just a matter of time until others reach the same milestone.


However, The current situation here in Philippines is making it a bit harder. The materials are hard to find and the majority of them are expensive. Unlike places like US, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.. that have a rich collection of art supplies. They also have easy access to opportunities like designer cons and lots of huge events. Even having Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites available can lift the local scene drastically. Hopefully, with the collaboration of the art community, we can get it better and we can all make it to the top.
Enumerate your favorite works… Also share why. 
1. The Master Nine Eyes by Daytoner because, well, I mean just look at it! It looks sick AF.
2. The Astro Gaki by JT Studio. It is well-designed and has a really cool function with all its articulations and lights.
3. The Yoshimitsu figure by Raffa Grassetti. Well-detailed piece of art.
4. Narin Studio’s Hellboy. The best Hellboy figure out there.
Future plans for Evilroy? Stuff to promote? Shoutouts?
Right now. I have 2 toys in the design process. Also planning to release more Mac-10 colorways. After these, if the events became available I will look to participate. If not, I will invest 4 more months on my Youtube channel. I’m still testing if this youtube thing really works 😅
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