Billie Eilish, Pop’s biggest teenage star, is back with her second album Happier Than Ever. Since the release of her viral hit single Ocean Eyes, the teenage girl has managed to make waves throughout the pop culture and music landscape. Beyond music, Billie has been an advocate for pressing issues like body positivity and the effects of fame, while also getting herself in a bit of controversy at times. Despite this, let’s push aside the debate of what’s right and wrong, and take a closer look at what Billie Eilish is really known for – her music.

Right off the bat, Happier Than Ever is responsible for having the most Apple Music listeners add it to their libraries prior to its official release as compared to any other album in the past. That being said, the hype surrounding the pop star’s latest work is nothing short of extreme.

Whether or not you’re an avid Billie Eilish fan, it’s clear that Happier Than Ever sets itself apart from her past work. This can be attributed to the more mature approach of the album in its entirety. From the album cover alone, Billie showcases evolution from her gothic personality to a Marilyn Monroe-esque aesthetic. As we listen to the first track, Getting Older, we realize the somber emotions that come into play. This is achieved through the soft whispering vocals accompanied by a rather simple and steady beat.

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On the contrary, Oxytocin presents a more upbeat mood, accomplished through louder vocals and electric tunes. However, as we peel back the sound and look closer at the meaning behind the track, we uncover Billie’s raunchy side. Paying homage to her previous single, Bad Guy, the track from her latest album invites her lover over as she sings “wanna do bad things to you” only to yell “you should really run away”.

As much as this album was made for her fans to enjoy, the album was created for Billie to speak her truth. Perhaps, this is most evidently demonstrated in the track entitled, Not My Responsibility. Opening up by saying, “You have opinions about my opinions, about my music, about my clothes, about my body”, Billie shines a light on the haters and what she has to go through. Granted you can never please everyone, we can only imagine what it’s like being a 19-year-old girl navigating through the criticisms of the world. It is through Not My Responsibility, that we gain a more complete understanding of the harsh realities of the world of Billie Eilish.

Overall, Happier Than Ever presents an array of somber, upbeat, and a mix of both tracks that speak about the injustices a teenage woman has to face in this day and age. While Billie Eilish is an outlier in terms of her popularity and fame as compared to the rest of the female teenage population, it is certain that listeners of her album can relate to a thing or two. And as you have a listen for yourself, let us know what your favorite tracks are!

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