Yes, the resurgence of the Nike Dunk SB is very inevitable. This year, despite the difficult situation, it has gained even more notoriety among collectors and trend humping hypebeasts alike.

Starting out as the bratty cousin of the Jordan 1, Nike and Sandy Bodecker have taken the Nike Dunk and gave it a functional spin, not knowing that its limited edition aspect will catch the insanity of sneaker fans and collectors from all over!

Who would have imagined that it would regain its foothold when it was already declared dead by the experts right?

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Here’s a look back at this year’s best pairs from the Nike Dunk’s pesky skateboarding division, why pesky? well it’s like a cockroach!

Cheers to more SB’s for 2021 and beyond!

Travis Scott X Nike Dunk SB Low 

Be it the weird colorway, the removable bandana pattern, or the overall quirky aesthetic that says half preppy/half gangster, this shoe has reached astronomical prices and just by looking at it, it does validate the price, making it one of the most coveted SB Dunks for the year.

Strangelove X Nike Dunk SB Low 

Sneakerdom fell in love with this pair back in February for a good reason: it just looks so good! The year’s first coveted pair has a romantic theme with the plush approach stemmed from designer Sean Cliver’s unconditional love for skateboarding.

Couple that with killer details and the deluxe packaging, you got yourself one of the best for the year!

Nike Dunk SB High 420 “Reverse Skunk”

Nike SB surely knows how to get high on their own supply (pun intended). By setting the scene ablaze once again for 4/20, they drop this monster-a reverse take on the iconic “Skunks” from years ago, this one is limited to only 420 pairs…just crazy!

Nike Dunk SB Low “Safari” 

For sure, there’s something about the Safari colorway that draws you in. Looking like a pumpkin spice latte on a perfect day, this “Safari” colorway inspired by the Atmos Air Max truly delivers the goods with flying colors. It’s just too perfect!

Nike Dunk SB Low X Grateful Dead

Whether or not you’re into the band, one thing’s for sure: the shoes are fire. These furry and cuddly Dunks draw inspiration from the band’s “Dancing Bear” mascots that scream rock nostalgia. While it may be a love/hate thing when these came out, they are all reaching high price points-the orange one being the *ahem* highest of the three.

Nike Dunk SB Low “Chicago” 

Blame it on “The Last Dance” hype or pure basketball nostalgia, but everyone wanted these Chicago-inspired Dunks. The color blocking, the materials all are on point making it one of the most wanted SB Dunks for this year.

Nike Dunk SB Low X Sean Cliver “Holiday Special” 

Just in time for the holidays, this Christmas-themed SB Dunk dropped. Designed by Sean Cliver of Strangelove Dunk SB fame, that makes 2 of his creations making the list. Who would’ve thought right? Icy!

Nike Dunk SB Low “Elephant” 

The second Atmos-inspired shoe to make it on the list, you can’t blame us! Drawing inspiration from one of the best Air Maxes in existence, the color blocking effectively works on a Dunk SB. Despite the inconsistencies in the elephant print which got negative reactions from the public, this shoe still stands as this year’s best.




Nike SB Dunk Low X Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Dunky”

The random manner that this collaboration was created is the ideal example why the SB Dunks has captivated sneaker fans of all ages, the story behind it, the design, the special packaging…definitely the sweetest of the lot!

Word was out that even celebrities and esteemed collectors had a hard time getting themselves a pair. That’s what happens when you mix the love for ice cream and limited edition products.

So there you go! For sure, we missed out on almost all of them but then that’s the charm with SB Dunks, if everyone and their mom had them, it would be corny! Moving forward you should check out the upcoming purple version of the J-Pack SB Dunks here! 


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