Homegrown streetwear brand Skoop ends the year with a bang by launching its Universe Collection. It is basically a look into the mindset behind the brand. Without a doubt,
this year has been a tough one. If you’re looking to extend that much-needed
source of inspiration for your apparel, then this new collection is perfect for you.

Skoop describes the collection on their Facebook page:

“Everything we know and understand is found in one universe. In the Kommunity, we are drawn into that vast unknown with a thirst to always come out on top. The collection is called Universe and its inspiration comes from two things. The thrill of seeing something that is bigger than ourselves. And what kind of attitude we need to OWN IT.”

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I personally gravitated towards the shirts (which retails at Php 999) because of its minimalist design and awesome statements, including Skoop’s tagline, “Own It.”

source: Skoop Website
source: Skoop Website


source: Skoop Website

But for those who prefer hoodies (they will cost you Php 2499), Skoop has got you covered.


Other collections include the Skoop x New Era, Washi Collection, Worldwide Collection, and Game Center.


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