Suddenly for 2021, baggy clothes are back again in style. Would you go a size up? 

Who would have thought that we’d come to this? From us wanting tight and form-fitting jeans and shirts back in the mid-2000’s because of the emo trend, to now going for clothes that are one to two times bigger than what we’d normally wear. To say that fashion goes in circles is truly an understatement. For this 2021 Hype Trends series, we talk about the return of baggy clothes and why it is actually a good thing.

Blame it on Comfort 

Can I say it was back to the ’90s and early 2000’s again this 2021? This past year we’ve seen more and more people gravitate towards bigger and baggier clothes. Sizing up means a comfier fit and everyone are loving it. Besides, if you’ve put on a few pounds because of the work-at-home setup (no need to be ashamed!), it’s hands down the most sensible choice to go for more room.


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Don’t Call it a Comeback 

It may be due to streetwear’s current obsession with the vintage skate aesthetic or it may have to do with comfortability between home and work, but one thing’s for sure: baggy is back in style. I personally love how the clothes have no form whatsoever that they just look so chill, relaxed and definitely something that reminds me of my College years–a long time ago I may add. 

The Cultural Relevance 

From cargo pants to oversized vintage tees and jackets, it’s never too late to get into it. Who says practical and comfortable need not be stylish? No, you don’t need to oversize too much, just a little bit of room may be enough.

Nu Metal and rappers started it. I can even go the distance and say rappers like Vanilla Ice and M.C. Hammer brought the baggy trend but that is another topic. I’d like to think skateboarding culture and music took it to mainstream levels as MTV was at an all-time high during its popularity. Though now, it’s more of a laid-back vibe. Earthy shades and pastel tones are now preferred instead of the rebellious look that baggy clothes used to carry like a badge of honor. 

So yes, 2021 was the year we sized up! 

Also, may I mention that baggy pants don’t mean they have to sag on the floor and gather dust? That doesn’t fly anymore! But don’t get it twisted, no tall tees, please. That’s plain wack and oversized that you can fit another person in it. Definitely not Andrew E. baggy–that puts you at risk of looking like a dwarf in a rap video. 

That wraps up our hype trends 2021 series on baggy clothes! Speaking of streetwear, we’ve struck a convo with Psalm of SNK ATK about their brave move into the metaverse. 


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